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Are you sure You can ride a byke?
In fact on 15th April we left by plane for a wonderful adventure. For ten days we lived in another family, in a different house, with strange people.
Now, if we look back in time to the days we spent in Holland, everything seems so beautiful. And it was true!
As soon as we arrived in the Netherlands we thought the Dutch people were crazy, but during our stay there, we changed our opinion.
The most evident difference between Dutch and Italian people is the quality and the variety of food.
Another big difference between them and us is Nature in general.
They have quite landscapes near their houses, with lots of animals like “Bambi”, cows, horses, etc And because of this, Dutch nature is better than Italian nature, and they (for example) don’t have problems with rubbish. Just think that lots of people go to work by bicycle and not by car.
As for some mishaps, it wasn’t simple to ride the bike on the first days, it was so strange! Some of us fell off once or twice. Fortunately, there are cycle tracks everywhere and also special traffic lights for the cyclists!
Anyway, it was also amazing to see how  the Dutch school works. It is well organized.They do more practical subjects than us. They work a lot in the Laboratories, for example the Chemistry lab, where we prepared a hand lotion, or the Art Laboratory where we were taught how to  draw a face. It’s all so different!
Among the assignments we had, we remember the museum quest in Van Gogh’s Museum, and the difficult quest about the dikes on the North Sea.
We also had a questionnaire for the women in Holland, related to our Comenius project which would allow us to understand if in Holland women and men have the same rights. Apparently the situation is very similar to the Italian one…apparently..
Talking about our experience, it was a great opportunity to speak English, even though it was at times hard to understand and explain. Apart from that, we enjoyed ourselves very much in the Netherlands.
Amsterdam is an incredible city. We went to “Hard Rock Cafè”, saw Anna Frank’s House, and visited Van Gogh’s Museum. There are canals everywhere and the houses  are very tall. We also visited Delft, Vermeer’s centrum, and saw the famous blue and white ceramics. But the most beautiful things about Netherlands are two.
First in the villages you can ride your  bike everywhere; secondly, around you  there’s always a wonderful landscape and beautiful nature.
We suggest to everyone of our age to live this experience because we can assure you that it will stay in your mind forever!
- Leonardo Ferrò - Martina Lucci - Paula Molinuevo II LE - Gaia Bonacci - Clizia Fossa - Simone Coccia - Flavia Rinchiusi II LF
Enjoyce - n° 3 di Maggio 2008



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