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Something is (not) rotten in the state of Denmark

As a tradition, our school “J. Joyce” , encourageS intercultural exchanges with young people of different countries, aiming at incrementing the study and the pratice of the languages bue especially at giving the students the possibility to know the different European cultures.

This year destination for the our III L  C class and some of the students of IV C, IV G and IV B was Denmark and we were hosted by our partners during the first week of May.

After short researches about the territory and its history, the students were hosted by their partners during the first week of May.

Itinerary to hand, we have been involved in a series of visits in the colourful and well-organized Copenhagen and the surrounding territory, full of old, imposing and luxurious royal castles, towns features covered by green and museums of significant importance like the National Museum, with large sections concerning Asia, Africa and Europe in general besides objects related to the 1960s ( when The Beatles came to Denmark , an old jukebox and reproductions of the past lifestyle), or the “Louisiana Modern Art Museum”.

All those visits were made possible by the excellent weather which was a surprise for us to find in a northern country.

Copenhagen, of course, is not famous for its many historical traditions, but it is well  organised, clean and quiet, with a kind and open population despite the obvious communication problems.

Duringour stay at the Frederiksborg Gymnasium in Hillerød we had the opportunity to see the good organization of the Danish school system and the elegant building with lively painted corridors (made by the students themselves), and even caricatures of teachers and principals hanging on the walls; large classrooms where all the different subjects can be properly studied and a large courtyard for lunch next to a strikingly beautiful lake.

The most curious aspect about the organisation of the school is, perhaps, the lack of a fixed plan for the lessons and the presence of computers in each classrooms, where students can do their own tests. But most striking is the quiet in the corridors at any time of the day!

In short, even if the meeting between the two cultures has sometimes created unforeseen difficulties and misunderstandings the exchange has had positive implications in our personal, linguistic growth and interpersonal socialization.

This confirms once more the validity of projects like this.

- Giulia Milazzo III LC
Enjoyce - n° 3 di Maggio 2008



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